Are Heated Seats Worth It? | Assess Yourself

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2023)

People ask, are heated seats worth it? Let’s assume it is freezing out there, and you must leave for work in your vehicle.

Then you realize the coldness in the weather via your chilled car seat. It is not a good experience for you if you are sick of cold weather. Am I right?

In this cold weather, a heated seat keeps you warm. Winter is the best time to get a heated seat to stay warm. These heated seats have a pre-installed heating coil that keeps you warm once you turn it on.

Some heated seats have a built-in thermostat and maintain the warmth to a specific temperature. 

But what in summer? Are heated seats worth it? Heated seats provide you comfort and can prove beneficial for those who have back pain issues.

In this article, I’ll share all the details you need to remember while considering a heated seat.

We’ll also discuss how heated seats work. How can you install a heated seat? What problems do you face with heated car seats?

Does a heated seat influence the performance of your battery? Pros and cons of heated car seats. And what are the different types of heated car seats?

How Heated Seats Work?

Are Heated Seats Worth It?

You probably have used heated jackets, blankets, socks, and gloves. Heated seats have the exact mechanism of keeping you warm.

Heated seats have a turn-on button; as soon as you turn the switch on, the current from the battery starts flowing and reaches the heating coil installed in your cushion.

This heating coil turns the electrical energy into heat energy. This heat energy runs across your seat and keeps you warm.

Some heated seats have a built-in thermostat that regulates the temperature and automatically shuts the power supply when a specific temperature is gained.

On the other side, heated seats having no thermostat keep raising the temperature. In such cases, you have to turn the button off yourself.

Heated car seats are fragile and highly vulnerable to cracks. You need to use them carefully.

How Can You Install A Heated Seat?

Are Heated Seats Worth It?

Heated seats are easy to install. You can install a heated car seat in any vehicle, and the installation cost is reasonable.

By following these given steps, you can quickly install a heated seat.

Removing the Car Seat Cover

To install a heated seat, you must remove the car seat cover. A car seat has two main parts, i.e., seats and backrests.

Pull the covers of both main parts to integrate a heated car seat.

Removing covers is only possible if your upholstery is not fixed by glue. After removing the body, you can see where to set the heating mat.

In dismissing the car seat and reassembling it again, you might need the assistance of a garage center.

Seat Installation And Wiring

Seat heating elements come in different sizes. Select a heating element according to your seat size. Sometimes, you might need to trim them to the size of your seat.

Keep the marking cutting precise to place heating elements along the seating seam. While cutting, ensure you have not trimmed the side strips because these strips act as seat heating poles.

Most of the makers provide double-sided tape to fix a heating mat. Before gluing the insulation tape, place it on the seating seam.

Keep the seating seam short whenever the rod is in the correct position to ensure no pole contact. You might need another insulation layer if shortening is not achieved.


In general, we connect backrest heating elements to the seat heating mats. Current runs at 5 to 10 amperes from the battery to keep the seat warm.

You can maintain the temperature if your heated seat has a built-in regulator.

Take a test if you have successfully connected the seat heater. Sit on your installed heated seat to generate a warming effect.

You can only check the performance of the heated seat by running the engine.

Go for a short ride and test your heated seat.

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What Problems Do You Face With Heated Car Seats?

Are Heated Seats Worth It?

It is difficult to answer the question, “are heated seats worth it?” Some people find heated seats good, while others say that these seats are useless.

If you live in a colder region and spend most of the time driving, heated seats can benefit you. These heated seats help you stay warm and comfortable during your whole journey.

Each product has some benefits and drawbacks also. I’m sharing some problems you might face after installing a heated car seat.

Poor Battery Life

A heated car seat takes up to 10 amperes to provide comfort. This electricity is too high and can drain your battery very soon.

The current amount can vary according to the charging system condition and coil design.

Stained Seats

A heated car warms you, and you produce sweat. We know that drying sweat leaves marks on our clothing. It works the same for car seats.

You enjoy the warmth of a heated seat, and your sweat glands produce sweat. Because you are in direct contact with your car seat, your leather car seat absorbs the work your body has.

When the sweat dries off, it will leave a noticeable stain on your leather seat. You can avoid this stain by keeping a car seat protector.

Dull Leather Seats

I recommend you not to use heated seats over leather car seats. Heated seats affect the color of your leather car seat and make it dull.

As in the previous article, we discussed that exposure to extreme temperatures could disturb your leather car seat. You can resolve this issue by applying a conditioner to your heated car seat.

Wrinkled Car seats

The use of heated car seats is the leading cause of wrinkled car seats. Leather contains some chemicals that help the leather to be flexible and robust even when heated.

But continuous exposure to heat causes the leather to shrink over time. Let me explain to you how your car seat leather gets wrinkled. Constant heat allows the leather to expand when sitting on a heated seat.

As soon as you leave your car seat, the leather tries to return to its actual condition causing wrinkles and abnormalities.

Difficulty In Cleaning

Heated seats are inadequate for leather seats as they can make them sweaty and cause wrinkles. These seats can make the circumstances difficult for you to clean dust or dirt from the leather.

Continuous exposure to heat can make dust appear permanent on car seat leather. During exposure to heat, dirt particles that accumulate on leather are difficult to remove. Moreover, leather becomes less durable.

Molded Car Seats

With some positive aspects, heated seats also have some adverse effects, and that’s why people ask whether heated seats are worth it. These heated seats can damage your car seat by molding your leather.

Heated seats keep you warm and modify the temperature of your car interior.

Over time if you do not flip the switch, the temperature could be too high to change the humidity level of your vehicle.

This increase in humidity can lead to mold leather growth that could be dangerous. This humidity can make your car smell bad.

Damaged Seam

Heated seats can damage the seams of the seat over time. Heat causes the seams to dissolve and lead to other issues like poor indoor air quality.

If you got two leather car seats sewn at the same time and you have installed a heated seat under one car seat. This seat will start shrinking over time, leading to improper wear.

Such seats are hard to repair, and you must replace your car seat. 

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Heated Car Seats

Are Heated Seats Worth It?

Heated seats are made for your comfort, but there are some disadvantages to heated car seats. First, we discuss some pros of heated seats and see whether “are heated seats worth it.”

Advantages of Heated Seats

Are Heated Seats Worth It?

Pros of heated seats mean that these seats have become a source of comfort, warmth, and luxury on cold days. 


Heated car seats provide you warmth when the cold is unbearable. Installing a heated car seat is the only way to fight against the cold during freezing days. It not only keeps you warm but also maintains the interior temperature of your car.

They improve your driving experience if you drive long in winter. It helps to circulate your blood during freezing days.

These heated seats come in different styles and colors. You can select one according to your vehicle.


Suppose you are an Uber driver and drive your car all day. You must have a heated seat that will e a source of comfort for you and your passenger.

The temperature of a heated car seat can be maintained according to the comfort of both driver and passenger.

Some heated seats have an automatic temperature-maintaining system that turns off the insulating coil once the temperature is maintained.

Always wear warm clothes to keep yourself from cold; heated seats help prevent freezing.


Driving and sitting in the car for an extended time on winter days could be uncomfortable. Heated seats can keep your car interior warm and improve your blood circulation.

Some people feel drowsiness in winter while driving; these heated seats improve your safety by reducing the chances of being tired or sleepy.


Heated seats, in cold weather, can save you by providing warmth. These seats are crucial for those people who can not survive in cold weather. They are convenient for those who want to stay warm during their travel.

You can quickly turn a heated seat on by flipping the button. People prefer to install heated seats in their vehicles as they provide convenience and warmth.


Heated seats could be more expensive than regular car seats, but heated seats are worth it. These seats can keep you warm and comfortable throughout your journey on cold days.

These seats are expensive because they keep you comfortable and give you a feeling of home even in your car during cold days.

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Disadvantages of Heated Seats

Are Heated Seats Worth It?

People always think of the luxury and comfort heated seats provide. But heated seats also have disadvantages.

Health Issues

Heated seats can cause damage to your body. Heated seats can make a man infertile if they keep sitting on a heated seat to 38 degrees centigrade.

 These heated seats can affect women, also. Overheating of heated seats can cause the inflammation of adnexa uteri (appendages). If you are suspected of cancer due to overheating, your cancer can develop benign tumors.

Pregnant women are also vulnerable to overheating of heated seats because overheating can cause miscarriage in the first seven months and damage the neural tube.

It is recommended that children under age 3 should never use heated seats. A child’s thermoregulation system is not fully developed, and their bodies cannot maintain a controlled temperature. 

Pros And Cons

 Here I am going to share some pros and cons in bullets. These bullet points will help you determine if heated seats are worth it.


  • Heated seats are the best seats for people who suffer from back pain.
  • They can keep you warm no matter how cold it is out there.
  • These seats come in different designs and varieties; you can buy one according to your vehicle.


  • A heated filament of heated seats can stop working anytime.
  • Heated can make men infertile if not used properly.
  • You might find heated seats costly.
  • These seats make your car seat smell bad.
  • These heated seats are worst for leather seats.
  • These heated seats can cause medical conditions in children and women also.

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Before buying heated car seats, people ask whether they are worth it. Heated seats are costly compared to regular car seats. They have a heating filament that makes heated car seats warm.

These heated seats are easy to install. You can install them by removing your car seats. After installing, go for a short ride to check whether they are working correctly or not. 

While after installing heated car seats, you might have some problems using leather car seats. They are not compatible to use with leather cars eats.

These heated seats can leave sweat marks on your leather. Some heated seats have an automatic temperature regulatory system that turns off the filament automatically once the temperature is maintained.

These seats can wrinkle your car seat leather, and you might find difficulty cleaning your car.

While you can find these seats comfy, heated seats keep you calm and warm during cold days, no matter how low the temperature is.

If you live where most of the year is cold, I suggest you buy heated seats.

These seats are beneficial for you if you suffer from chronic back pain. They alert you on the long journey when some people can be tired. But if not used correctly, these heated seats can cause health issues.

The high temperature can cause a lower testosterone level in men and make them infertile. 

While in women, it can cause swelling of appendages. Heated seats must be used carefully; otherwise, you are putting your health in danger.

These seats are a source of comfort as well as a source of bad poor health. I am sure now you can assess whether heated seats are worth it. 

FAQs | Are Heated Seats Worth It?

Are heated seats worth it?

Heated seats are more expensive than regular car seats but are a source of comfort for you on chilly days. Heated seats keep you warm and alert. These seats help you to regulate your blood pressure in your whole body.

Are heated seats good for leather car seats?

The answer is NO. Yes, these seats are not suitable for your leather car seats. These seats can make your leather less durable and your leather car seats dull. Your leather seats may have sweat marks. 

Are heated seats good for my health?

Yes, heated seats make you feel comfortable and prove beneficial if you have back pain issues. But if these heated seats are not appropriately used, high temperatures can make you infertile, also. 

Can I use heated car seats in summer?

Yes, you can use heated seats in summer also. They are used to keep drivers and passengers warm during cold days. You can use heated seats in summer to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

How much do heated seats cost?

Heated seats are costly as compared to regular car seats. These seats come in different varieties according to your vehicle, or a heating seat pad can cost you between $30. On the other hand, fully heated seats can cost you from $200 to $1000 or more. At the same time, the installation cost can vary depending on the model, type, and complexity of installation.