Top 8 Best Graco Car Seat Recommendations for You

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2023)

Why do you need the best Graco car seat? Well, your most valuable cargo on wheels is always your baby, and it is essential to provide him with the best quality car seat to keep him safe and sound all the time.

Graco car seat is among the best car seat brands available in the market. Car safety seats are now the need of time and one of the crucial safety features.

The increasing number of car accidents has only added value to the need for a reliable car seat, including the Graco car seat.

There are different types of Graco car seats, and the one you need depends on different factors, including the weight, height, and age of your little one.

These car seats are well-made, budget-friendly, and meet safety standards. It is difficult for new parents to pick the right car seat, but the good news is I’m here to help you.

I have listed the Graco car seats, their features, pros, and cons. So you can easily pick the best one for your little bundle of joy.

Here I’m ranking them based on their safety features, comfort levels, age range, ease of installation, and price. However, you can buy any of them and will not regret it as they are all the best here.

Table of Contents

1. What Are the Best Graco Car Seats?

One of the exciting questions that most parents have is, what are the best Graco car seats?

If you look at the official website of Graco, you will know that there are many different options, including infant, convertible, all-in-one, and booster Graco car seats.

For the past one and a half months, I have been driving my kids in different Graco car seats to know the best.

In addition, I have also asked other parents from my friends and family and checked reviews to compile the list of the Graco car seats for you.

However, an important fact is that getting the Graco car seats for your baby depends on the safety features you want, your baby’s age, and your budget.

You will get the perfect one for your child if you know your requirements well.

2. Best Graco Car Seats- Our Picks

Best Graco car seats list

1. Graco 4Ever DLX All-in-One Car Seat – Best Graco Car Seat Overall

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 4-40Pounds (RF), 22-65 Pounds (FF), 40-100 Pounds (High back booster), & 40-120 Pounds (Backless booster)
Max. Height Limit: 40 inches (RF, FF) & 57 inches (Booster)
Dimensions: 20 x 21.5 x 24 inches
Car Seat Weight: 22.8 pounds
Stage: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Base: Built-in base
Type: Rear-facing (RF) + Forward-facing (FF)
Life Span: 10 years

You should go for the Graco 4Ever DLX car seat if you can purchase just one car seat.

It is the number one Graco car seat because of its outclass performance in every aspect. My elder sister got one for her daughter and used it for many years.


Award Winner

Graco 4Ever DLX won the award for best Graco car seat. It is the safest among the other car seats because of its ProtectPlus feature and steel frame.

Four Modes

One of the best points we love about this Graco car seat is that it is a real 4-in-1 car seat. It has four modes; you can use any according to your requirement.

The modes include front-facing, rear-facing, high-back, and backless booster modes.

When your child reaches 5 or 6 years of age and is ready to use a booster, you can turn it into a no-back booster.

So, this Graco car seat is a money saver, even though it is costly compared to other Graco car seats, as you will not need to purchase another backless booster for your child.

Highest Weight And Height Limit

It offers the highest weight and height limits of 120 pounds and 57 inches, respectively.

Grow With Your Family

With a life span of about 10 years, it will serve your family, from your child’s birthday to the age at which he no longer needs to use the car seat.

ProtectPlus Feature

As one of the most expensive models of Graco car seats, it is equipped with the best and latest technologies to provide comfort and ensure the kids’ safety.

It comes with ProtectPlus engineering to protect the baby from rear, front, side, and even rollover car crashes.

5-Point Harness

The 5-point harness system and reinforced steel frame provide extra protection to the little one. It is also convenient to use for parents.

Well-Padded Seat

It is a Graco car seat with plenty of padding, so it ensures the comfort and peace of the baby.

This padded foam is also great for absorbing any part of the crash energy in case of an accident.

Easy Installation

This Graco car seat is one of the easiest cars to install because of its InRight LATCH connectors and integrated belt lock-off feature.

Regardless of the car seat mode, you will easily get a stable and tight installation. That is crucial for your child’s protection.

However, remember that this belt lock-off can be installed only in front-facing mode, not rear-facing mode.

Machine Washable Cover

It is the perfect choice for working moms who do not have enough time to wash the seat covers. This Graco car seat pad is removable; you can wash it in the machine to save time.

Moreover, it has a ‘rapid remove’ design significantly reduces the time to take the car seat covers off.

This design allows regularly washing the seat pad to keep your child healthy and germs-free.


  • Graco 4Ever DLX car seat is the winner of the best Graco car seat award.
  • It can hold a weight of up to 120 pounds.
  • The process of fabric removal is very fast.
  • It is very easy and hassle-free to install this car seat.
  • It has a life span of 10 years so you can pass it down to the second baby.


  • The Graco 4Ever DLX car seat is heavy and bulky.
  • With a weight of 22.8 pounds, it is not a lightweight car. 
  • The Cup holders of this car seat can fall off easily.
  • It is the most expensive Graco car seat, for over 300$.
Compared To Other Graco Car Seats (Cons)
It is wider than the SlimFit3 LX car seat, meaning it will take up more space and cannot fit in small cars. But it is the best Graco car seat.
Although both are good Graco car seats, the rear-facing weight limit (40 pounds) is less than the Extend2Fit car seat (50 pounds).

Customer Reviews On Graco 4Ever DLX All-in-One Car Seat

  • Katie said, “I LOVE this car seat. I have an older version for my 4-year-old and just purchased this newer version for my 1-year-old. You don’t have to buy another car seat after getting this. Goes from rear-facing to forward-facing to booster all in one. It has 6 settings to adjust the angle of the seat. Three for the rear and three forward. So easy to install, comfortable for the kids, and has a nice cushion. It is worth the amount because it lasts until they are out of a car seat/booster and grows with them.”
  • Michael K. said, “After two kids and buying seats for two vehicles and the grandparents’ vehicles, this is the best one. Easy to install and easy to clean. The entire cover comes off and goes through the wash. I wish I could say the same for my car’s fabric seats. I’ve used others, and this is better. Easy in and out. Very easy to adjust even with a wiggling child in the seat if needed. Great purchase.”
  • Cassey said, “I have 3 of these car seats, all in different colors for my sons and daughter, the easiest thing to take apart, wash, and even put back together. I love that they can grow with it because buying several different car seats after they gained so much weight was not something I wanted to do. Highly recommend these!”

2. Graco SlimFit3 LX – Best Graco Car Seat to Fit 3 Across

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 5-40 Pounds (RF), 22-65 Pounds (FF), & 40-100 Pounds (Booster)
Max. Height Limit: 49inches (RF, FF) & 57 inches (Booster)
Dimensions: 20.7 x 16.7 x 24.5 inches
Car Seat Weight: 19.2pounds
Stage: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Base: Built-in LATCH base
Type: Rear-facing + Forward-facing
Life Span: 10 years

If you want a Graco car seat to fit 3 across, then Graco SlimFit 3 LX is here for you. It is the narrowest car seat among Graco car seats.

One of my friends has a small car, so she chose this car seat for her little one and was satisfied with it.


Narrowest Car Seat

Graco SlimFit 3 LX is recommended as the narrowest convertible Graco car seat. We all know that everyone does not have a full-sized car or SUV, so this one is the right choice for them.

Upgraded Version Of SlimFit

A slim car seat known as Graco SlimFit is first launched by Graco, which saves about 10 % of the space.

However, Slimfit is not that narrow to achieve 3 across. It cannot double with a width of about 19 inches.

It is the upgraded version of the Graco SlimFit car seat. The name Graco SlimFit 3 LX shows that it is slim enough to do 3 across.

It is 2 inches narrower than its previous version, with a width of 16.75 inches.

Note: It is even narrower than the Diono Radian series, which is well-known for fitting 3 across.


It is a budget-friendly Graco car seat priced under 300$ (cheaper than the Graco 4Ever DLX).

But it is equipped with all the features of protection that higher-end models offer.

ProtectPlus Feature

It is among the car seats equipped with ProtectPlus, which is essential for the safety and security of the baby.

Belt lock-off Feature

This Graco car seat is also equipped with a belt lock-off feature which helps achieve a tight and secure installation with the vehicle seat belt.

The other 2 models of Graco car seats (Extend2Fit and Tranzitions) do not have this feature.

Steel Frame

Like the Graco 4Ever DLX car seat, its frame is steel.

Machine Washable

It features a ‘rapid remove’ seat cover; you can wash it in the machine.


  • It comes with 2 cup holders.
  • Easily fit in a small vehicle.
  • It is the narrower car seat among all Graco models.
  • Rapid removal cover facilitates the process of cleaning.


  • Graco SlimFit 3 LX is not foldable and does not have the back-less mode.

Customer Reviews on Graco SlimFit3 LX

  • Geizy Martinez said, “The only comfortable car seat in my small compact sedan! I fit 3 across with no problem with an infant rear-facing! I love this car seat. The only issue I have (which isn’t a huge deal) is it seems to come out a bit further than the wider car seats, so the legroom from the front seat to my forward facer is very little, but I will trade that for being able to fit all 3 seats without buying a bigger car for now! Just saved me thousands!”
  • Mark said, “We found out we are expecting a third, but I’m not ready for a bigger car just yet. I’ve been searching for months for the best/safest slimmest car seats, and these are by far the best. Amazing head support, easy instructions and installation, and, best of all, fits 3 across! If I didn’t need 3 across, I probably would get a bigger car seat just for added comfort and more recline options. But this is the one if you need a slim car seat!”
  • Eric said, “I love this seat! It’s so easy to install and adjust for my little one. She is 3 and still likes to rear face. We will eventually turn her around this next year as she grows out of the height or weight limit of rear-facing. This seat is very slim, so installing other seats around it is easy if necessary. I also LOVE the feature of how easy it is to take off some of the paddings to wash it. I don’t even have to uninstall the seat, and the cover snaps on and off. So brilliant! I recommend getting this seat.”

3. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat – Best Graco Convertible Car Seat

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎4-50 Pounds (RF) & 22-65 Pounds (FF)
Max. Height Limit: 49inches (RF, FF)
Dimensions: ‎21.5 x 19.5 x 23.5 inches
Car Seat Weight: 19 pounds
Orientation: Forward Facing & Rear Facing
Life Span: 10 Years

Among the 9 other convertible car seats, this Graco Extend2Fit car seat is at the top of the list and the winner of the best Graco convertible car seat award.



Firstly, having a rear-facing with 50 pounds weight and 49 inches height limits for less than 250 $ is a great deal.

It is even difficult to get a forward-facing seat over 50 pounds. However, the 49 inches height limit is common among extended rear-facing car seats.

My brother’s five-year-old daughter is about 48 inches tall with a weight of 48 pounds, and she can easily ride in this rear-facing car seat with the installation of a seat belt.

The expandable panel keeps her comfortable.

Safety Features

It offers amazing safety features. As one of the top Graco car seats, it is equipped with ProtectPlus engineering.

This technology was initially used in premium models but is now applied to the other popular Graco car seats.

Well-Padded Seat

The car seat is also well-padded, and its softness will blow your mind.

There are different positioning options, and with the growing age of your baby, you can fit it accordingly as the padding of the top section of the headrest moves independently from the rest of the headrest section.

The bum padding is also thick and removable. It also has an expandable footrest.

Best For Deep Seat Vehicles

This convertible Graco car seat is great for deep-seat vehicles. My brother has a full-size SUV and still has issues with some car seats.

Then he bought a Graco Extend2Fit car seat, which is about 21.5 inches long. While installing this car seat, use a small indicator on the base to check how far off this Graco car seat can go and ensure that it is installed properly and safely.

Safety Markers

This Graco car seat also has some markers to indicate which recline settings are safe for ball level and rear-facing.


  • Graco Extend2Fit is one of the easiest car seats to install, and it takes less than 5 minutes.
  • The fabric of the car seat is easy to wash.
  • It has an expandable footrest that provides extra comfort.
  • It is cost friendly, with a lifespan of 10 years.


  • This Graco car seat is slightly heavier compared to some other models.
  • It does not fit properly in small cars because of its width.
  • The release button is hidden, and it is difficult to reach.

Customer Reviews On Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

  • JC said, “This car seat is easy to install. It affords my tall-for-his-age two-year-old sufficient legroom and is comfortable for both front and rear-facing children, as my son went from rear to front-facing while using it. After trying it out in my car, my wife and I bought a second one for her car. We’re expecting another child and will be purchasing two more of these car seats shortly.”
  • Kayla A. said, “I really like this car seat. It was easy to install once I watched a video on how to, and we decided on the seatbelt option for installation. The added cushion is nice. Easy to read instructions and says it can be used for a while- especially for rear-facing longer, which I was looking for. I also like the little slots on the side of the car seat to store the buckles in to keep the straps to the side while putting your kid in. Definitely approve thus far. And my baby seems nice and safe in it.”
  • Andrea L. said, “My toddler was using her sister’s contender 65 models that expired this month, and she loved it. We purchased another brand for her for our primary car last year, which worked until this summer. She does not fight tooth and nail and screams her head off, getting into this seat vs. the other brand. We have been using this for the last 6 weeks and decided to spend the extra money in this economy for the better fit in our SUVs and the better/safer positioning of our child on a second seat.”

4. Graco SlimFit – Best Graco Car Seat for Small Car

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 5-40 Pounds (RF), 22-65 Pounds (FF), 40-100 Pounds (Highback booster)
Max. Height Limit: 57inches
Dimensions: 21.5 X 19.9 X 25.5inches
Car Seat Weight: 19.47pounds
Orientation: Forward Facing & Rear Facing

This Graco SlimFit car seat has won the award of best Graco car seat for small cars. 


3 Modes

It has forward-facing, rear-facing, and booster modes.

Grow With The Baby

This Graco car seat is a kind of future investment as you can use it right after your baby’s birth until he reaches 100 pounds in weight.


It fulfills all the necessary safety requirements, and in addition to protecting the head, it also protects the torso from side impacts.

Space Saving

You can now enjoy 10% extra space because of the space-saving technology of this car seat. Moreover, an adult can now sit more comfortably because of more room.

This car seat is especially for small kids; we all know kids don’t like and accept changes easily.

So, after unboxing, leave the car seat in your kid’s room for some time to make him familiar with it. In this way, you can avoid tantrums.


  • The Graco SlimFit car seat is perfect for those who want three across.
  • It is very easy to use as everything is automatic.
  • It offers comfort, safety, and sturdiness, all at the same time.


  • In rear-facing mode, there are not many tilting options.

Customer Reviews on Graco SlimFit

  • Shani said, “Purchased this for my daughter, who will be 2 in December, after her father started letting her ride in her 4 yo brother’s car seat much like this one. He felt she had outgrown her infant seat, but tension started to erupt as she began claiming her brother’s seat. She happily and immediately claimed this one upon taking it out of the box. I’ve had no complaint from her riding rear-facing. I love the slimmer dimensions than her brother’s, making it so much easier to remove and reinstall using the latch system. I even regularly take the whole seat out to bring the napping baby inside, and she stays asleep for the duration of her nap. Very satisfied with this purchase.”
  • J Schaa said, “Enjoy the durability and the ease of installation for most cars. I transported back and forth between our two cars and even transported it to a friend’s car when we needed to.”

5. Graco Nautilus – Best Graco Toddler Car Seat

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 22-65 Pounds (FF), 40-100 Pounds (Highback booster), 40-120 Pounds (Backless booster)
Max. Height Limit: 57inches
Dimensions: 18 X 20 X 28inches
Car Seat Weight: 22.8pounds
Orientation: Forward Facing
Life Span: 10 years

This one of the best Graco car seats, known as the Graco Nautilus car seat, won the best Graco toddler car seat award.


Highest Rated Car Seat

Going out with toddlers can be challenging, so you need a car seat to help you face this challenge. One of my friends has this car seat and said it is great to travel with it.

Moreover, it is one of the highest-rated Graco car seats, so perfection is guaranteed.

Three Modes

You can use this car seat in three different modes. There is a traditional forward-facing mode, a high-back mode, and a backless booster mode.

The maximum weight limit is 100 pounds, so you can use it for many years.

Grow With You

This car seat will grow with your family. It will serve you from toddlerhood until the time that your kid won’t need car seats.

Machine Washed Cover

Toddlers are very messy, just like all other kids. Therefore, spill accident is a common thing with them.

Considering this point, the Graco Nautilus cover is designed to be removed easily and washed in the machine.

Cup Holders

It comes equipped with two cup holders, an amazing feature for toddlers. They can keep their drinks and toys in them.

Furthermore, it can prove a good distraction when they are cranky.


  • Graco Nautilus car seat is top-rated according to customer reports
  • It also offers the padded side protection


  • It does not come with any leveling guide
  • The material present on the plastic parts won’t last long

Customer Reviews on Graco Nautilus

  • Southern gal said, “It is sturdy, easy to install, and the headrest is much nicer than the more expensive Britax seats I have been using. I got this because it grows with the kid, and I wish I had done it sooner!”
  •  Fino said, “It has more cushion than the cheaper ones, so I assume she is more comfortable. However, the recliner does not recline that much.”
  • Gail said, “I wanted my grandchild to be safe, and this car seat gives me peace of mind. Wish it had a second cup holder.”

6. Graco Tranzitions – Best Graco Harness 2 Booster

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 22-65 Pounds (FF), 40-100 Pounds (Highback booster), 40-100 Pounds (Backless booster)
Max. Height Limit: 32inches
Dimensions: 19 X 17.4 X 26.5inches
Car Seat Weight: 1pound
Orientation: Forward Facing
Life Span: 7 years

This one of the best Graco car seats got the best Graco Harness 2 Booster award.


3-In-1 Mode

‘Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat’ indicates that it has 3 modes, which you can use. The forward-facing harness mode is for small kids.

And when your child reaches 65 pounds weight and the 49-inch height limits, you can start using the highback booster or backless booster mode.

The maximum weight limit is 100 pounds, so it will be your travel companion for many years.


This car seat can wipe off all of your worries as it has a superior protection performance.

It is equipped with the exclusive ProtectPlus technology of the company. That means your kid will be well-protected and safe in it.

Cup Holders

It has 2 cup holders, so this feature is a plus for toddlers. They can use these holders to place their drinks or toys.

Machine Washable

In case of a spill accident, you do not need to worry much. The cover of the seat is easily removable and machine washable.

Grow With Your Baby

You can use this car seat until your toddler reaches 100 pounds and 57 inches of height. Therefore, it is a one-time purchase.

Life Time

You can use this car seat for 7 years from the manufacturing date.

Cost Friendly

It is one of the best and cheapest Graco car seats with a price of less than 200 $.


  • It is a budget-friendly Graco car seat.
  • It has a weight limit of up to 100 pounds so you can use it for big kids.
  • It is equipped with the ProtectPlus technique for better protection of the kids.


  • It cannot fit 3 across.

Customer Reviews on Graco Tranzitions

  • Cindy Spence said, “I like it because it helps protect my granddaughter. It sits her up so she can enjoy the view out the car’s windows.”
  • Elizabeth Cross said, “My son is better on the road with this car seat! He’s very big and tall for his age, and the super expensive seat just looked uncomfortable. He has freedom but safety. I Purchased two, so he was always comfortable.”
  • Linda M Carter said, “I bought this car seat for my 2-year-old granddaughter that lives in the Dominican Republic where driving is pretty scary. She loves it. It has plenty of room in the seat but also fits snugly. Plenty of legroom. Overall, a great purchase that she will be able to use for a few years.”

7. Graco Atlas Booster Seat – Best Graco Booster Seat

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 22-65 Pounds (FF), 40-100 Pounds (Booster seat)
Max. Height Limit: 57inches
Dimensions: 19 X 22 X 25inches
Car Seat Weight: 16.6pounds
Orientation: Forward Facing

It is the best Graco Booster car seat award winner.


Good For Big Kids

It is best for the big kids who want to transition into the front-facing mode. So if your kid is 3 years old or above, this car seat is the perfect option for him.

This Graco car seat is safe and secure, and in addition to regular safety features, it is also equipped with impact protection.

It not only protects the head of the kid, but this Graco car seat also protects the torso.

Life Time Purchase

This will be the last Graco car seat you will need. Its harness mode will protect your baby until he reaches 65 pounds of weight, and after that, you can use the highback booster mode.

The highest weight limit of this Graco car seat is 100 pounds.

Easy Installation

It is super simple to install this car seat. You can use the latch system or the seat belt of the vehicle. However, they need to upgrade the latches as they still use the first-generation ones.

Car Seat Cover

The car seat cover is durable, and you can use it for many years.


  • This Graco car seat offers all-around protection.
  • It is comfortable, and kids will sleep easily in it.


  • This car seat is a little bit harder to install in older cars.
  • The car seat is bulky and takes up more space.


  • This Graco car seat offers all-around protection.
  • It is comfortable, and kids will sleep easily in it.


  • This car seat is a little bit harder to install in older cars.
  • The car seat is bulky and takes up more space.

Customer Reviews On Graco Atlas Booster Seat

  • Neisha said, “My son was very fussy in his first car seat. He doesn’t complain at all in this one. When asleep, it supports his head well. It’s spacious with room to grow, which is a great gesture because kids grow way too fast, but overall, this is my second child, and this is the best car seat I’ve purchased this far. You Can’t beat the price.”
  • Felicia Zarazua said, “This is my second one. By far, the best car seat to own. Forward-facing, super lightweight, and easy to install. Easy to adjust to your liking and child’s weight/height. They fit perfectly (both side by side) in my dodge journey and our Ford escape.”
  • Kellie Young said, “I love how easy it is to remove the cover on this seat. A car seat cover will inevitably need to be washed, and this one is super easy, two small hooks and four snaps, then toss it in the washing machine. Super easy.”

8. Graco TurboBooster – Best Graco Booster Seat

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 40-100 Pounds
Max. Height Limit: 57inches
Dimensions: 15 X 16.5 X 26.5inches
Car Seat Weight: 8.42 pounds
Orientation: Forward Facing
Life Span: 7 years

It is one of the best Graco car seats available in the market.


2 Booster Modes

This Graco car seat caters well to the big kids who want to transition into a booster stage.

You can use it in two modes, one is a high-back booster, and the other is a backless booster. It is the perfect option for a child who is 4 years old or above.


It is a safe and secure Graco car seat. In addition to the regular safety features, it also comes with the ProtectPlus engineering technique of the Graco company.

Furthermore, it protects the baby from all sides, not just the head.

Good For Big Kids

This Graco car seat can be comfortably used for big kids as the upper weight limit is 100 pounds,

Easy Installation

Installing this Graco car seat is very easy, and even you can go only with the vehicle’s seat belt.

Durable Cover

The cover of the Graco car seat is durable and machine washable.


It is one of the lightweight car seats, and you can easily move it from one car to another. So yes, it is travel friendly.


  • It is the most affordable Graco car seat on the list.
  • It offers 2 modes, high back and backless.


  • The padding is not enough on this Graco car seat.

Customer Reviews On Graco TurboBooster

  • C. S Kraft said, “Having multiple cars means having multiple boosters when the kids are old enough. With two children aging/ sizing into boosters simultaneously with multiple vehicles, this can also get expensive. I have used numerous Graco products and trust them to be safe and sturdy. The mid and upper back supports perfectly cradle the kids, and the seat belt guides ensure the belts do not slide too high. The dual cup holders are also a great feature on road trips for cups and snacks. I recommend this booster.”
  • Ken Wagner said, “Just what I wanted. Grandkids didn’t want to sit in the “baby” seat anymore; they are big enough for a booster seat. They love it.”
  • Elizabeth said, “This booster provides more padding than my daughter’s previous one. She loves it. Great value on the current sale.”

Car Seat Comparison Table

Car SeatWight LimitHeight LimitDimensionsSeat WeightHarnessEstimated Price
Graco 4Ever DLX120 Pounds57 inches20 x 21.5 x 24 inches22.8 pounds5-Point329 $
Graco SlimFit3 LX100 Pounds57 inches20.7 x 16.7 x 24.5 inches19.2 pounds5-Point279 $
Graco Extend2Fit65 Pounds49 inches‎21.5 x 19.5 x 23.5 inches19 pounds5-Point234 $
Graco SlimFit100 Pounds57 inches21.5 x 19.9 x 25.5 inches19.47pounds5-Point219 $
Graco Nautilus120 Pounds57inches18 x 20 x 28inches22.8pounds5-Point199 $
Graco Tranzitions  100 Pounds32inches19 x 17.4 x 26.5inches1pound5-Point139 $
Graco Atlas100 Pounds57inches19 x 22 x 25inches16.6pounds5-Point139 $
Graco TurboBooster100 Pounds57inches15 X 16.5 X 26.5inches8.42 pounds3-Point59 $
Car Seats With ProtectPlus Feature
Graco 4Ever
DLXGraco SlimFit3
LXGraco Extend2Fit

3. Types Of Graco Car Seats

Graco car seats are available in four different types. These types are Graco infant car seats, Graco convertible car seats, Graco all-in-one car seats, and Graco booster car seats.

Most popular among these are Graco infant and all-in-one car seats.

In addition to these, there are also Graco travel systems.

3.1. Graco Infant Car Seats

As the name indicates, these car seats are specially made for infants. Considering infants, these are designed with a detachable base feature to easily transport your little one from the car to your home.

They are compatible with some best baby stroller systems and can be attached to pushchair chassis.

Graco infant car seats are suitable for newborn babies from their birthday until they reach the maximum weight limit of the car seats, which could be any age between 9 to 24 months, depending upon the size of your little one.

These Graco car seats include Graco SnugRide SnugLock, Graco Click Connect, and Graco SnugRide SnugFit.


These car seats are designed with a convenient detachable base that you can install in a car, and it will stay in one car. Therefore, you can click your car seat into the base, saving you time and effort.

You can also use Graco infant car seats without bases, which are appropriate when traveling with a friend or family member who does not have a car seat base installed in their car.

Infant Graco car seats have handles that make them easy to carry and transport from your car to home. So, there is no need to wake your little sleeping one.

They are less costly compared to convertible models.


These car seats are heavy to carry if an older baby is in them.

Depending upon the weight and height of your baby, you may need to buy a new infant car seat model after some time.

3.2. Graco Convertible Car Seats 

These Graco car seats are suitable for kids weighing up to 65 pounds. You can use Graco convertible car seat for newborns and then convert it into a booster seat.

So it is an economical option for parents who don’t have to purchase multiple Graco car seats.

These car seats can grow with your little one, recline, and have both rear-facing and forward-facing options. Some of these car seats are Graco Extend2Fit and Graco 4Ever.


Convertible Graco car seats allow your baby to ride in the rear-facing position for longer.

Some of them also come with a weight limit of up to 120 pounds, meaning you do not need to buy any other car seat.


You can save money in the long run (by not buying any other car seat), but these convertible Graco car seats are more expensive.

Some newborn babies, especially preemies, might be too small for these convertible car seats.

3.3. Graco All-in-One Car Seats 

Graco all-in-one car seats are designed for children from birth to when they need the high-back booster.

These seats can be used in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions, supporting a safe journey with your baby.

All-in-one Graco car seats include Turn2Me, and TriGrow car seats.


You can use these car seats in any mode you want according to your requirements.

They offer both rear-facing and forward-facing positions.


Sometimes, these car seats are heavy.

3.4. Graco Booster Car Seats

Graco booster car seats are available both with backs and without backs. They help transition your kid from the car seat’s harness to the vehicle seat belt.

These seats boost your baby up and provide the height that is required to prevent the seat belt from rubbing against the neck of the baby.

These seats increase the safety of the car.

One of the Graco booster car seats, known as TurboBooster LX, is equipped with the unique technology of the Latch adopters to secure the booster car seat to your car.

They are designed for children up to age ten, as the adult seat belts do not keep the children well protected, which is shortened to 4 feet 9 inches.

These car seats include TurboBooster LX and Atlas.


They are perfect for protecting the kids that outgrow the standard car seats but still are not tall enough to travel without a car seat.

Car seats with backs provide extra protection and support in case of a road accident.

Some of these car seats also offer five-point harness systems. However, you can remove the harness and use the vehicle’s seat belt.


These Graco car seats are unsuitable for newborn babies and toddlers, so you need another type of car seat.

Some of these car seats are bulky compared to others.

3.5. Travel systems

A travel system combines a stroller and an infant car seat that fits into the stroller. Popular Graco travel system strollers lines include Modes and FastAction. 


They make transferring the baby from the car to the stroller hassle-free and vice versa. So these best travel systems are perfect for sleeping kids.

Travel systems are more affordable and budget-friendly than buying a separate stroller and an infant car seat.

The travel system’s stroller also has other seats, so you can use it when your baby no longer needs an infant car seat.


Travel systems are often bulky, so most parents switch towards a lightweight and compact stroller when their baby starts sitting up.

4. Best Graco Car Seat Buying Guide

After mentioning some of the best Graco car seats and their types, I will share a Graco car seat buying guide to help you choose the best car seat for your little one.

Without any ambiguity, the Graco car seats are among the best and most popular brands of car seats available in the market.

Graco car seats rank top whenever you search for a baby car seat on Amazon or any other online platform.

These car seats have more reviews than any other car seat brand. One of their product strategies is winning by the number of products.

You will see different models within the same type of Graco car seats. According to my calculations, Graco has launched almost 100 models of car seats.

One of the reasons why Graco car seats earn many parents’ trust is the amazing features that they have.

Here are the main features you should check before buying a Graco car seat.

4.1. Safety

Safety is the main requirement. It is the reason why parents buy car seats for their little ones. Undoubtedly, all Graco car seats are safe because they must pass the government’s safety standards.

You will notice the word ‘FMVSS 213’ written in the car seat description. This word stands for ‘Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213’.

Some states mention a 5-point harness system for side impact protection in their local car seat laws. However, the layers of side impact protection vary depending on the different makers and models of car seats.

All Graco car seats are normally equipped with a 5-point harness with two layers of side impact protection.

Graco car seats are gone above and beyond the standards. Many premium models now feature ProtectPlus technology that protects against rear and front impact and provides rollover protection.

While most brands offer only protection of the head, Graco car seats also keep the little one’s torso safe from any side accidents.

We know rollover accidents are the deadliest, but with Graco car seats, you will be free from all worries.

4.2. Size Limits

The second most important thing is the size limits of any car seat. You need to know how long you can use it for your baby.

Nowadays, the all-in-one car seat system is becoming popular. These car seats are popular because they save money.

They offer protection from birth until the babies don’t need car seats. These car seats have amazing size limits. Graco 4Ever DLX is a good example.

Other Graco car seats (infant, convertible, and booster car seats) have lower size limits than all-in-one car seats.

They protect for a shorter period but are still great to grow with your baby.

Comparison Of Different Types Of Graco Car Seat Size Limits

Car Seat TypeAge GroupHeight LimitWeight Limit
Graco Infant Car Seats12 to 18 months (Small babies)32 Inches35 Pounds
Convertible Car Seats2-5 Years (Toddlers or Pre-schoolers)49 Inches65 Pounds
Graco Booster Seats4-8 Years (Big Kids)57 Inches40-100 Pounds

4.3. Car Seat Installation

Car seat installation is one of the main things linked to your baby’s safety. It will decide whether your baby will get 100 % protection or not.

Graco car seats are reliable in this case, as these are great to install and uninstall.

The earlier models of Graco car seats used a first-level latch system, and now the car seats are equipped with InRight Latch (Rigid Latch) system.

Some Graco car seats, including 4Ever DLX and SlimFit3 LX, have integrated belt lock-off. It is helpful if you want to install the car seat by using the vehicle’s seat belt.

4.4. LATCH System

LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system is the process of installing car seats in the car without using seat belts.

A large number of Graco car seats are equipped with LATCH straps that are attached to the LATCH anchors present in the seats of the newer cars.

However, if your car is not LATCH-compatible, you can also fit your Graco car seat with the help of seat belts.

4.5. Harness System

A harness system is essential for keeping your baby safe and secure in the car seat. It should be easily adjustable to avoid any hassle.

The top of the harness straps should be below or at the level of the baby’s shoulder in the case of rear-facing car seats and above or at the level of the shoulder in the case of the forward-facing car seat.

4.6. Fabric

The fabric of the car seats is also important for the baby’s ease because taking your baby in and out of the car seat means they will rub with the fabric a hundred times.

So, the high-quality and soft fabric ensures the comfort of the little one. Moreover, the fabric should be machine washable to lessen the washing time.

In the case of Graco car seats, the fabric is easy to remove and wash. You need to unbuckle the cover and throw it in the washing machine. 

Premium models of Graco car seats are equipped with the ‘Rapid Remove’ feature, such as Graco 4Ever DLX and Graco SlimFit3 LX.

4.7. Weight

Considering the weight of the car seat is also important. It is especially required in the case of infant car seats because you often need to carry the car seat with the baby inside it.

Ensure that the car seat will not be heavier for you to manage.

4.8. Padding

The padding of the car seats is important for protecting the baby in case of an accident. It is also essential to provide a good fit for the younger babies in a convertible car seat. 

All of the Graco car seats have padding made of EVA foam. The extra padding helps better position the small babies, but you can also remove it when your child grows to provide him extra space.

4.9. Color Options

Car seats with unisex colors are good for saving costs for the manufacturer. However, this is not good for parents who want different color car seats for their little ones.

It is everyone’s personal choice and is not required anyway. In the case of Graco car seats, different color options are available.

5. When Does The Graco Car Seat Expire?

The expiration date of the Graco car seats depends upon the material (plastic or metal) used for manufacture. 

The infant Graco car seats can be used for 7 years, and the convertible Graco car seats (including the all-in-one car seats) can be used for 10 years from the date of manufacture.

Graco booster seats can be used for 7 to 10 years, depending upon their material.

In the case of a plastic frame, the life span is about 7 years, whereas, in the case of reinforced steel, they can be used for 10 years (just like the convertible Graco car seats).

The expiration date is not written on the body of the Graco car seats, and it is very difficult to get the exact expiration date by looking at car seats.

Therefore, you can use a simple formula to calculate the expiration date, which is mentioned below:

Date of Manufacture + Useful time of the car seat (Life span of Graco car seat) = Expiry Date

For example, if you buy a convertible car seat and find its manufacture date written: 2017/03/20

You can calculate its expiration date in this way:

Date of Manufacture + Useful time of the car seat (Life span of Graco car seat) = Expiry Date

2017/03/20 + 10 Years = 2027/03/20

So, it will be safe to use it until March 2027.

Final Words

Graco car seats are among the best car seat brands available in the market.

These car seats are well-made, budget-friendly, and meet safety standards as these seats are now the need of time and one of the crucial safety features.

In this article, we have mentioned different types of Graco car seats, and the one you need depends on different factors, including the weight, height, and age of your little one.

You can buy any of them and will not regret it as they are all the best here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graco Car Seat

What Is The Safest Car Seat Available In The Market?

One of the safest car seats available in the market is the Graco 4Ever DLX car seat. It features ProtectPlus Technology.

What Are The Best Baby Car Seats?

Some of the best car seats are Graco 4Ever, Britax Advocate, Diono Radian 3RXT, and Clek Foonf.

Is Graco A Good Car Seat Brand?

Graco brand is a good car seat maker. They have many options of car seats to choose from. These car seats are also affordable and not overly priced.

Which Graco Car Seat Is Best Among All?

The Graco 4Ever DLX all-in-one car seat is the overall best car seat of the Graco brand.

Which One Is The Best Infant Graco Car Seat In 2022?

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 is the best infant Graco car seat in 2022. It is also cost-friendly.

Which One Is The Best Convertible Graco Car Seat?

Graco Extend2Fit is among the best convertible Graco car seats. It is very easy to install and has good reviews. Moreover, you can easily transfer it from one vehicle to another.

Which One Is The Best Graco Toddler Car Seat?

Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 harness booster car seat is the best Graco toddler car seat. It is an amazing car seat with good reviews.

What Kind Of Graco Car Seat Can You Use For Older Kids?

You can pick the convertible Graco car seat with forward facing position and a weight capacity of 20 to 65 pounds. A booster Graco seat with a forward-facing position and weight capacity of 30 to 100 pounds is also a good option for the big kids. You can install these car seats with seat belts.

How To Create A Travel System With An Infant Car Seat?

Infant car seats are designed for carrying. So it is a good idea to create a travel system stroller with them. All you need is a right stroller compatible with the car seat. Most of the time, infant car seats are compatible with the strollers of their brand.

However, if you have a stroller of a different brand, then you will require an adapter to create the travel system. Graco is the best choice among baby gear brands, providing several options.

What Are The Good Alternatives For The Infant Graco Car Seats?

Some alternatives to infant Graco car seats are Cosco Scenera all-in-one convertible car seat, the Nuna Rava infant car seat, and the belt-positioning booster.

How To Install A Convertible Car Seat?

The first step for installing a convertible car seat is to read the manual thoroughly. Then you will see no difference between rear-facing and forward-facing car seats. The simplest option to install the car seat is to use the InRight LATCH system because the LATCH connectors offer super easy installation of car seats. You can also use the vehicle seat belt to install the car seat.

Graco car seats are one of the popular car seats known for ease of installation.

Are Graco Car Seats Safe To Use?

Yes, Graco car seats are safe to use. You can choose any model of these car seats without worry; your little one will be safe and secure. These car seats are among the market’s most popular and safest available.

What Other Features Do Graco Car Seats Offer?

Other features of Graco car seats are removable seat pads that are very easy and simple to clean, headrests, a safe and secure harness system, easy-to-adjust anchors, and a seat base. This brand has won many awards for the best car seats.

How Affordable Are These Graco Infant Car Seats?

The Graco infant car seats are very budget-friendly without compromising the features. It offers a super easy installation process, a machine washable cover, machine washable padding, six reclining positions, ten headrest positions, a steel reinforced frame, energy-absorbing foam (to protect against accidents), a canopy, and a harness system. Moreover, your little one can ride in the rear-facing position for longer.

Is Graco Car Seats Worth Buying?

Graco car seats are designed by keeping in mind the kids’ safety as it is the number one priority of parents and the main reason for purchasing car seats. They provide the best car seats in the market with amazing features.

What Is So Special About Graco 4Ever Forward-Facing And Rear-Facing Car Seat?

There are many amazing features of the Graco 4Ever car seat, some of which are given below:

  • It has an easy car seat installation process which includes a LATCH system. Moreover, you can also install it by using vehicle seat belts.
  • You can also use it as an infant car seat for your newborn. So you do not need to buy separate car seats for the different life stages of your little one.
  • It is made of a reinforced steel frame that is durable.
  • The option of using both forward-facing and rear-facing modes means that you can use this car seat for a longer duration.
  • It is a money-saving purchase because you can use it for many years.
  • It offers six reclining positions and ten headrest positions.
  • It comes with cup holders and a sun canopy.

What Is The Expiration Date Of Graco Infant Car Seats, Graco Convertible Car Seats, And Graco Booster Car Seats?

Normally the expiration date of car seats is around 7-10 years, and the same is in the case of Graco infant, Graco convertible, and Graco booster car seats. So, there are many years to use them.