Can You Feed A Baby In A Car Seat? Best & Safe Practice

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2023)

Parenting is one of the greatest blessings. There comes a responsibility when you become a parent. You always want your Baby to be safe and comfortable, even when you are driving with your Baby.

Most parents are concerned that can you feed a baby in a car seat.

It is hard to travel long distances with babies. Babies are not constantly hungry. But their hunger is unpredictable. Do you feed your Baby in the car seat? If yes, then you must not do this.

While driving, babies keep distracting you, and to avoid them; you think giving your Baby a milk bottle is the best idea. But results could be contrary in the case of a car crash.

Feeding in a moving car can cause choking hazards as well. Only the safest way to feed your Baby in a car seat is when the car is parked.

In the case of bottle feeding, you need to pay attention to the Baby. Because you don’t want the Baby to drop the bottle and make the car dirty, avoid babies giving hard food like biscuits, candies, or fruits because it can cause choking.

Parenting is not easy; a happy baby makes you a good parent. We can not avoid our Baby feeding in the car, but we can make feeding safe.

Can I Feed My Baby In The Car?

Can I Feed My Baby In The Car?

Yes, don’t worry. You can feed your Baby in the car. But for this purpose, you must take some necessary actions; here, some suggestions are mentioned.

Bottle feeding

Bottles are a great alternative if you want to feed your Baby in the car. For bottle feeding, you must apply brakes on your vehicle to keep an eye on your Baby while providing.

Because babies sometimes swallow a significant amount of air and can choke. So, You must actively watch your Baby. You can not keep an eye on your little one during driving.

Both are driving and feeding a baby attention-seeking activities.

Some babies can not handle their milk bottles properly, and bottles fall. Worse case, bottled milk can spill in your car, and your call smells like a dairy farm.

So pay all your attention to your Baby when he is feeding.

Remember to wait a little more for a burp after feeding. Otherwise, swallowed air during feeding makes your Baby gassy or sick.

Solid food

It becomes easy to feed your Baby in a car seat, and this article will answer your question about whether you can feed a baby in a car seat.

Solid food has many options, like biscuits, cupcakes, cut-up fruit, and whatever your Baby likes.

Solid food can be a better option for feeding during a trip. But it causes choking hazards as well. Stop your car and keep an eye on your Baby when eating.

Do not give solid food to your Baby from 0-6 months. Study shows that they must feed on milk.

Many babies like to eat in a calm place and still environment, for example, in their parent’s lap. Vibrations during car driving allow extra gas to enter your Baby’s tiny stomach.

And your Baby may become gassy in such situations. And everybody wants a happy baby during the trip.


For babies under the age of six months, the only way to feed them is by breastfeeding. Without a doctor’s consultation, you can’t give them formula milk or solid food.

For breastfeeding, you must park your place in a calm area where the Baby and you both are comfortable. Being a multitasker is a good thing, but sometimes you need to focus on one activity.

And breastfeeding and driving can not be done at the same time. 

Always add extra time to your destination when traveling with your little ones because they can be hungry anytime.

Better parking options for breastfeeding, including any gas station or the parking of any grocery store or convenience store.

Within a few moments, your Baby’s tummy is complete, and he is ready for a burp. You must stop until your baby burp.

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Can I Feed My Baby With The Bottle While Driving?

Can I Feed My Baby With The Bottle While Driving

Feeding a baby in a car seat is somehow not easy, and parents ask how can you feed a baby in a car seat.

Some mothers have ideas about their Baby’s hunger while traveling at the same in contrast to this; some mothers have no idea. While driving, a baby can be hungry, and you cannot stop.

Giving your Baby a milk bottle is a good idea, but it is not recommended, especially when the car is in motion. 

Whenever your Baby gets hungry while driving, you need to assess how long it will be before you can pull over the car at a calm place.

You can easily judge by the age and how long it’s been since your Baby has eaten anything. If you think your Baby can bear the hunger, driving until you reach a calm place is best.

Moms face two significant issues when they give a bottle to their babies while moving the car.

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Choking Hazards

Formula milk in a baby bottle may cause choking. We should not give milk bottles to babies from 0-1 years while driving.

They cannot grab the bottle firmly and drop it if their mouth is full of milk. And at this point, they can be choked when they have extra formula milk in their mouth.

Parents seem worried that can you feed a baby in a car seat. The better option is to stop your vehicle and feed your Baby because it is best to save your Baby’s life instead of saving time on the road.

Projectile bottle

A bottle can easily burst in the event of a car crash or car hit, and the particles of the bottle would become projectile.

It is another primary concern that a milk bottle or cup can quickly become projectile if you have a car crash.

Safety advisors suggest not leaving any loose items in the car as it could cause catastrophic impacts even in a minor car crash.

Gassy Baby

Babies are advised to feed in a calm or silent place, not in the moving car. Babies who eat feed in the moving car are more likely to have a gastric problem, and this feeding creates a painful gas for your Baby.

Babies used to feeding at calm places like in the mother’s lap, or the bed are more likely to vomit if fed in a moving vehicle. It is better to stop and feed your Baby rather than keep feeding him while driving.

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What Things Should I Remember While Feeding My Baby In The Car?

Can You Feed A Baby In A Car Seat

Keep yourself ready to feed your Baby anytime. You do not need to worry about how and what can you feed a baby in a car seat.

You must follow some rules or safety precautions when onboard Baby feels hungry.

  • Do not leave your baby unattended when he is eating or drinking anything in the car.
  • Put a car seat in for your Baby’s comfort and prevent any injury in the event of an accident.
  • Ensure you have installed the car seat correctly, and remember to fasten the seat belt to your Baby.
  • Always install a baby car seat at the rear seats for your child’s safety. And the backseat is the safest place to feed your Baby. Do not start eating with your Baby in this case; you can’t focus on the road.
  • You should not use plastic or glass-made bottles or sip cups to feed your Baby.
  • You can buy silicon-made bottles or sip cups. These bottles do not hurt your Baby in a car crash.
  • After feeding your Baby, wait until your baby burp; otherwise Baby can feel sick.
  • Do not feed your baby solids like cut fruits, vegetables, biscuits, and solid edibles because they can choke your Baby.

What Should I Feed My Baby In A Car Seat?

We are making things easy for you and have gathered some ideal feeding options. These options will help you make feeding your Baby in a car seat while driving easier.

These options are only for those babies who can burp, chew and grab things properly without assistance.

So, below is the list of feeding materials:

Squeeze Pouches

You can find squeeze pouches in any grocery or convenience store. They are based on your Baby’s nutrition pyramid and come in various flavors. They contain mashed food, and it’s ready to eat. A squeeze pouch is one of the best ideas to feed your Baby while driving.

Sippy Cups

Always use silicon-made sippy cups for feeding your child in the car. You can use a sippy cup to feed your baby milk and juice. Before buying sippy cups, always check whether they are leak-free.

They are easy to use and provide you with ease of cleaning. They are free of harmful cleaning and are health friendly. They are non-hazardous in the case of a car crash.

Travel Bottles

These are spill-free, and you can carry them while driving. They are made out of soft but long-lasting materials. Just fill them with any liquid base food of your Baby’s choice.

Feeding Bibs

Feeding with a feeding bib lets you feed a baby in a car seat. Using a feeding bib to feed your Baby in the car is another convenient way.

Plastic bibs can become projectiles in a car crash and have devastating impacts. You have to select silicon-made feeding. Safety always comes first.

What Should I Not Feed My Baby In The Car?

Your Baby makes driving easy for you If they reach the age limit where they can feed themselves independently. You can drive quickly, but some solid food items can cause choking.

You should not carry these items in your car while traveling with your little one. Some of the things that can choke your Baby are mentioned below:

  • Whole grapes, cherries, plums, apricots, and such types of fruits
  • Candies and popcorns
  • Walnuts, almonds, and other types of nuts
  • Fried or baked chips
  • Carrots and cucumbers
  • Chopped up sausages

You must avoid these food items to give your Baby while driving.

Is Breastfeeding Safe For Babies In The Car?

Parenting is all about care and responsibility. Mothers are concerned about feeding their babies in the car, especially regarding breastfeeding.

Putting a car seat in your car is not easy, and in this article, we provide information on how you can feed a baby in a car seat.

And is breastfeeding in the car safe for your infant? There is a single-word answer to this question, and it is NO. You can not feed your Baby in a car seat while driving.

 If the feeding type of your Baby is breastfeeding, it means he is too young to feed on his own. Infants usually require calm places for feeding; nothing is calmer than a mother’s lap for a baby.

Breastfeeding while moving cars can be very dangerous as it causes choking.

It is hard for Infants or newborn babies to drink when the car is moving because babies do not have developed skeletal systems and cannot move their heads.

The situation becomes very tricky for them to breastfeed. It would be best if you constantly supported their head when they are breastfeeding, and you can not do it when you are moving to steer. 

Feeding an infant in the car seat can make him sick, and nobody wants their babies in the hospital.

Digestion of milk plays a vital role in maintaining good help, and in moving a car, the Baby cannot digest milk properly.

If your Baby is breastfeeding, the best way is to take short breaks from driving and then feed your Baby correctly.

Maintain a good body posture for your Baby while breastfeeding and support his little head so he can quickly drink and digest the milk.

You must avoid breastfeeding in the car in the early days after the Baby’s birth. The air becomes gassy bubbles because there are chances to enter the air in your Baby’s stomach.

We always recommend not breastfeeding your Baby in a moving car.

How To Burp A Baby In The Car?

Can You Feed A Baby In A Car Seat

Burping is essential after feeding. A burp means your Baby’s tiny stomach is processing the food safely. Burping is not tricky, but you can not make your baby burp in the car. For a quick burp:

  • You need to get out of the car
  • Hold your Baby in an upright position
  • gently tap the back of your Baby and wait for a burp 

You must take short breaks to feed your Baby correctly; in the meantime, you can change your Baby’s diaper too. You must ensure a burp before starting your journey to avoid unnecessary stops.

What Should I Do If My Baby Is Choked In A Car?

Can You Feed A Baby In A Car Seat

Coughing a baby while eating looks scary, but sometimes it’s normal. Your Baby is choked if he is unable to breathe.

In this condition, a baby can’t cry, cough, and cannot make a noise. If you think your Baby is choked, you must verify first.

Follow these steps in case of choking:

Step 1. Dial An Emergency Number

Dial 911 or any local emergency number. Update the operator about the present condition of your child.

Step 2. Keep Your Baby Face Down On Your Forearm

Support your arm with your thigh. Give your Baby five quick and strong blows in between their shoulder with the heel of your other hand. These blows will force the object out.

Step 3. Turn The Baby On His Back

Turn your Baby on his back, and with your middle and index finger, press your Baby’s chest at the breastbone five times. This pressure will help the airways to push the object out.

Step 4. Repeat

Repeat the above steps if the object is not coming out. Redial the emergency number and inform them about the current situation of the Baby.


I believe that now you know how to feed a baby in a car seat. Feeding your Baby in the car is not a good option. Therefore, AAP recommends you not feed your Baby in the moving car.

Ensure you have fastened your Baby’s belt safely. Use silicon-made bottles or sippy cups to feed your toddlers.

You should avoid feeding solid food material while driving because it can choke your Baby. Always keep mashed food when you’re traveling with a baby.

Choking is a severe medical condition but do not panic.

Just dial the emergency service number, and until they reach you, you can give your Baby first aid.

For infants, you must stop the vehicle for breastfeeding and use the correct posture for breastfeeding. Do not drive until your baby burp.

FAQs | Can You Feed A Baby In A Car Seat

Is it safe to feed the Baby while traveling?

No, feeding your Baby while traveling is not safe. Driving is an attention-seeking activity, and you can not watch your baby feed while driving. You need to give all your attention to your Baby when he is eating something.

Should I feed my Baby with a bottle while in a car seat?

Yes. You can feed your Baby with bottles if they can grab them firmly and feed themselves. And Remember to buy silicon-made bottles. Plastic or glass bottles can become projectiles in a car accident.

Can I feed solids to my Baby in a car seat?

No, you can’t feed your baby solids while driving. Solid food materials can choke your Baby. Always carry mashed food items to feed your Baby when you are driving. If your Baby does not like mashed food, you must stop your vehicle, so your Baby can eat safely.