How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat? 14 Best Tips

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2023)

Due to global warming and climate change, the summer duration has been prolonged. Babies start annoying their parents when it is hot. Parents look for how to keep their Baby cool in a car seat.

Keeping your child cool in a car seat during summer is essential. You can not drive with a crying baby in a car seat.

As soon as sun rays enter the car, their wavelength gets shorter. Sun rays with shorter wavelengths are trapped in the car, raising the temperature. 

You can keep your baby cool in a car seat using car shades. Car shades block the UV rays from entering the car and help to lower the temperature as much as possible.

 In certain states, using car shades is considered a violation. Using car shades is a temporary solution in such conditions. In this article, we shall go through all the possible ways to keep a baby cool in a car seat.

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat?

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat

In winter, we use heated seats to stay warm. Similarly, in summer, if you feel hot on a sunny day.

It would be hot for your Baby, too. You must look for tips on how to keep your Baby cool in a car seat.

Like a cold car, a hot car could be uncomfortable for anyone. Babies feel more heat as compared to an adult.

You can quickly assess by the sweat on your newborn Baby’s forehead that it is too hot for your young one.

But premature babies might not sweat because their body systems are not fully developed yet.

The best way to keep your child cool in a car seat is to obstruct the sun. Your car temperature is maintained as long as the sun rays are out of your car.

You can easily keep your car cool by refracting sun rays, which is only possible with tinted windows.

1. Light Dressing

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat

First-baby parents have no experience with babies. They dress their Baby in heavy clothes to protect it from weather conditions. But these heavy clothes are of no use in summer.

Choose a dress for your little one wisely before starting your car trip in the summer. You can see whether it is hot for your Baby by sweat.

You may see the sweat in your toddler’s torso, neck, hands, and feet if your toddler is feeling hot.

Choose breathable clothing material for your Baby in summer, like, cotton, jersey knit, and voile. These fabrics will keep your Baby cool.

Avoid using wool, fleece, and flannel. These fabrics are used in winter and keep your Baby warm.

Never wear your baby socks and hats. They also help to keep your Baby warm in winter. Always keep a thin layer blanket with you in the car.

It will help your Baby maintain the temperature if it gets too low due to a car air conditioner.

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2. Avoid High Temperature

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat

The best time in summer to travel with babies is between 8 am to 12 pm or between 4 pm to onwards.

The sun peaks between 12 pm and 3 pm, gradually cooling down after 3 pm. Avoid traveling between 12 pm to 4 pm.

Your little one might get sunburns if traveling in peak hours. Either travel early in the morning or afternoon with babies.

Keep your car parked under the shade, regardless of how far is the shady area from your destination.

To maintain internal temperature or Indoor Air Quality, leave your window slightly opened when parked under the shade.

As I told you, the sun’s rays with shorter wavelengths are always trapped in the car and raise the temperature.

An opened window will not let the sun’s rays trapped in the car.

3. Choosing the right seat color

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat

Suppose you are concerned about how to keep your Baby cool in a car seat. It would be best if you chose a bright-colored car seat.

Dark colors absorb the heat and increase the temperature. That’s the reason we choose dark colors in winter.

Parents choose car seats with dark colors like navy blue, dark brown, and black over light colors.

These dark colors will help you to hide stains and spill marks. But these dark colors in summer absorb the heat too and heat your car.

Let me tell you more precisely if the temperature out there is 22 degree Celsius, a dark color car seat can quickly raise the temperature to 40 degrees Celsius.

Within 10 to 12 minutes, there will be an increase of 18 degrees in your car.

This temperature rise is not suitable for your Baby, and you are failed to keep your Baby cool.

So, what is the best color for a car seat in summer? Bright colors reflect the visible wavelength of light.

So, it is fantastic to choose bright colors like white. Yellow, red, and orange color car seats are also better options in summer to keep your Baby cool. You must read this to keep your car from marks or stains.

4. Choosing car seat material

The best car seat color to keep your Baby cool is white. But it is hard to find a white color baby car seat for your little one.

How to keep a baby cool in a car seat is still unanswerable. Most car seats come in only black color.

If you can not choose a bright-colored car seat, preferably one with suitable materials to keep your Baby cool. Usually there are three most common types of car seats:

  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric

Although leather car seats give your interior a luxurious look, these car seats are scorching during summer. Vinyl car seats are as hot as leather car seats.

Vinyl is less breathable as compared to leather car seats. Now we are only left with fabric car seats.

Nylon or polyester-made car seats are considered fabric and four-season car seats.

Fabric car seats are more breathable and comfortable for your Baby than vinyl or leather ones.

Fabric car seats are more vulnerable to stains or spills and can easily absorb moisture, humidity, and odors.

Your Baby is going to use a car seat for some time. So, ensure that whatever car seat you buy for your Baby must be non-toxic and safe.

5. Using A Car Seat Cover

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat

Whenever your Baby’s car seat is NOT in Use, cover it with a seat cover. Wrapping a car seat with a safety cover protects it from direct sunlight and keeps it cool.

Safety covers reflect the sunlight and also keep your car seat young.

Car seat covers to keep your car seat cool and help your car seat maintain its original color and shine. Using a car seat cover is more effective than a car shade:

It fits best over a booster seat and convertible car seat. You can use a seat-sun shield over your car seat.

Though it is more expensive than a safety cover, it’s a durable product that protects your car seat from sunlight. You use breathable mesh fabric to keep your car from getting hot.

A multi-purpose car seat cover will protect your car from sunlight, insects, and rain.

If you are parking your vehicle under the sun, a car seat cover is the product all parents must invest in for their Baby. Car seat covers can reduce your concern about how to keep your Baby cool in a car seat.

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6. Car Seat Cooling Pads

Suppose you have no shady parking around your workplace or home. After staying under the sun, your car seat will be hotter than hell.

In this situation, use an upgraded seat cover. Have you heard about a freezing seat cover?

No? Let me tell you about freezing covers. Car seat cooling pads are also known as freezing seat covers. Keep a car seat cooling pad in the freezer overnight.

Before 15-20 minutes starting your trip, unfold your cooling pad and place it on your Baby’s car seat for a while.

These pads will cool your car seat and seat belts, and buckles within a few minutes.

Remember: Do not let your child sit on a cooling pad. It can cause frostbite or freezing burns to your Baby. Cooling pads are cold enough to cause your Baby freezing burns even in summer.

7. Open All The Windows

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat6

If you are not keeping your car window slightly open in a parking lot, you must stay open all the windows open for a while before you start your journey.

But do this before turning your car AC on. Why?

An e-mail hoax spread the rumor among people that switching your car AC on as soon as you enter the car will release benzene and other carcinogens.

Carcinogens or carcinogenic gasses are cancer-causing agents.

But this rumor was proven false. You keep your car’s windows open before starting your trip just because of the Greenhouse effect.

The parked car allows sun rays of shorter wavelengths to stay in your car seat, making your car hot.

Once you open all the windows, these sun rays will be out. And your car will be excellent. An excellent car means a calm baby.

8. Point AC Toward Your Baby

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat6

Babies feel the warmth of the weather more than an adult. Parents are concerned about how to keep babies cool in car seats when they travel with their young ones.

Did you work on the tip mentioned above? NO? Always keep all your windows open once before turning on the AC.

Once you keep your window open for a while, your car will get cooler quickly. The best seat for installing a baby car seat is the rear seat.

It is best if your car has a rear AC, but usually, cars have no AC for the rear seats. No worries, you can get a Noggle to keep your Baby cool.

Now you must be wondering what is a noggle. Noggle is an extension duct that comes in different lengths according to your need.

Using a noggle has made things easier for parents. With a noggle, you can easily keep your car’s temperature down. Why you should invest in Google:

  • You can easily install and remove noggle.
  • Noggle comes in different sizes, from 6ft to 10ft.
  • You can install a noggle for both forward and rear-facing car seats.

Do not keep your windows open when driving with your Baby. If you think keeping your windows open can keep your Baby cool.

Let me correct you, air pressure from opened windows can make breathing difficult for your little one.

Turning your AC on rather than opening windows is the best option to keep your Baby cool while driving. Suppose your child is too sensitive to cold.

Keep all the necessary items in your car to protect your child from cold.

9. Block The Sun

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat6

The pocket-friendly answer on how to keep a baby cool in a car seat is to obstruct the sun. You can use car shades or tinted windows to block the sun.

Car window shades can cover your entire window, but we prefer a partial window shade.

You can get your window shade with your child’s favorite cartoon printed on it. It will amuse your child, and he will not annoy you.

There are three types of car shades you can use:

  • An accordion is a folding car shade mostly used for a windshield. You may find it challenging to handle as they are more extensive.
  • Mesh-type car shade is a pocket-friendly and lightweight window shade. It is easy to place and can keep all the UV rays out. But these car shades can affect visibility.
  • Custom-fit car shades are made according to your need. For a custom-fit shade, you must take the measurements of your car seat window according to your given measurements.

10. Tinted Windows

Some people avoid using a car shade. There are two significant drawbacks of car shades:

  • They affect visibility while changing lanes.
  • Sun shades can quickly fly off and hurt your Baby.

Tinted windows are another option to block the sun. Some people think windows are being tinted for privacy concerns but are also used to block the sun. You’ll be surprised to know that:

  • A tinted window can block 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Tinted windows can regulate the body temperature on hot summer days.
  • In an accident, a tinted window can save you from projectile glass.

Before tinting, your windows look at your state’s law for tinted windows.

11. Keep your Baby Cool

In the summer, when the sun is at its peak, it is a matter of time before the heat heats your child.

You need not worry because several methods exist to keep your Baby cool when the sun is at its peak.

Here are some items you can use, and your concern about keeping your Baby cool in a car seat is resolved. 

Cooling Towels

Cooling towels is the quickest and easiest way to keep your child cool in a car seat. They quickly lower the body temperature and prevent your Baby from overheating.

Cooling towels are made of evaporative fiber. Cooling towels are dry to the touch, but they keep water.

Soak the towel in water and then squeeze it out. Now place the towel around your Baby’s body parts (neck, shoulders, and legs). You can place cooling towels on

the forehead of your Baby.

It is better to keep a cooling towel on the hips or legs of your little one. This

will keep your child from chewing the towel.  

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12. Use Spay Bottles

A spray bottle is the best cooling product for your Baby. Moreover, spray bottles are cheaper than cooling towels.

A small spray bottle will hardly cost you a dollar or two. Add cold water in a spray bottle and spray the water on your Baby as per his needs. 

Soak the excessive water with a towel or a clean piece of cloth. Some spray bottles have a small fan attached to them.

It would help if you did not try these bottles for your infants, as they may cause a choking hazard. For toddlers, you can use a handy

fan. They can hold the fan for themselves, and you can drive with all attention toward the road.  

But for safety purposes, ask your child to maintain a safe distance from the fan. Though their blades are soft, they can hurt your Baby’s fingers or nose if it is too close to their face.

13. Keep your Baby Hydrated.

We can not live without water. The minimum requirement for water is eight glasses per adult. The water requirement for babies from 7 months to 1 year is 0.7 liter per day. This water requirement increases as your child grows.

Water keeps us calm and helps our body to perform its function typically. It is necessary to keep your Baby hydrated, especially in summer. 

For toddlers or babies more than 6 months, you can keep a water bottle in your car. Keep them hydrated by giving them small amounts of water after regular intervals.

You can also give them formula milk, juices, and breast milk. 

Pediatricians recommend not giving water to babies less than 6 months old. Water act as a growth hindrance for babies less than 6 months old.

Formula milk or breast milk you feed your Baby contains 85% water. But can you provide a baby in a car seat?

Keep ice packs in our car to keep your Baby cool. Put some ice cubes in a towel or a thick piece of cloth, and gently rub these cubes around the neck and shoulders of your Baby.

14. Leaving your Baby alone in the car seat

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat6

Not leaving your Baby alone in a car might sound odd, but never leave your Baby alone in the car seat. A parked car gets hot faster than a moving car.

A parked car can reach a temperature of up to 76.6 degree Celsius during hot summer days.

This temperature is enough to melt your sunglasses and water bottles. So, always take your Baby with you and do not leave him alone in the car.

Ask yourself before leaving the car, where is my Baby?

Kids try to escape unattended cars. Keep your car doors and trunk locked, and never leave your little one alone in the car.

These tips on “how to keep baby cool in car seat” will help you immensely.

Why should I Keep the Baby from overheating?

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat6

Why and how to keep Baby cool in a car seat? A study shows that 38 babies die every year. In other words, one death in 9 days due to overheating (hot cars).

Keeping your Baby cool in a car seat is much more critical. I am sharing a surprising fact; overheating can happen in winter if you are careless.

The average internal temperature of your Baby should be between 36.6 to 37.7 degree Celsius.

You can quickly feel by placing your hand on your Baby’s neck or forehead if your Baby is overheating. Rapid breathing and flushed cheeks are signs of your Baby overheating or having a fever.

What is a backseat reminder device?

In the market, many back seat reminder plug-in devices are available that help you to remind, Not to leave your Baby alone in the car. You can use this device in any vehicle.

The main features of these reminder devices include the following:

  • Pocket friendly.
  • It has a built-in USB port. You can use it to charge your mobiles and e-cigarettes.
  • It reminds you to check the back seat when you open the door to leave your car.
  • Using such devices, you can remember that your Baby is in the car seat.

The back seat reminder system has become the need of every parent. Parents are concerned about how to keep the Baby cool in a car seat. The auto-making industry has decided to install a back seat reminder system in each car.

This rear seat reminder system will be installed in each car made by 2025 in the U.S.

Safety Measures | How to Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat?

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat6

Ignoring safety harness

Sometimes parents remove the safety harness as wearing a harness causes sweating. It is not wise to remove the car seat harness.

By ignoring a safety harness, you are risking your child. You should use a five-point harness strap to buckle up your Baby. Never loosen the harness up, even if your baby sweats a lot.

Leaving your Baby alone

It can kill your Baby. Let me demonstrate you are a mother of a toddler and a working woman. Your Baby is sleeping in the rear seat.

You parked the car, forgot your Baby, and went to your office. What will happen next?

The temperature of your car will start rising, and so your Baby’s. Your sleeping toddler will suffocate and ultimately will have left this world until you remember you have your Baby in the car.

How to overcome this situation? You can get a rear seat reminder device. This device alerts you when you exit your car.

Projectile Hazards

The most common products you use to keep your Baby cool in a car seat are sunshades, fans, and water bottles. These items can be projectile in the case of an accident.

There is a solution for everything. Instead of car shades, fans, and hard water bottles, use tinted windows, cooling towels, and silicon-made bottles.

Why does your baby sweat in a car seat?

It is usual for babies to sweat on hot summer days. Parents ask how to keep the Baby cool in a car seat. I am sharing some reasons why your baby sweat in the car seat.

Safety Harness

You find a safety harness a reason for a sweaty baby, and you may loosen the safety harness—never lose your Baby’s safety harness. You can use cooling towels to keep your Baby cool.

Overly Dressed

An overly dressed baby in summer sweats a lot. Always choose fewer clothes for your Baby on hot summer days. Choose bright colors for your Baby as they do not absorb sunlight and keep your Baby cool.

How to keep the Baby cool in the car seat without AC?

Turning your AC on is the best option to keep the Baby cool in the car seat. But what if your Baby is allergic to AC or your car AC is out of order?

No problem if your car AC is out of order. You can still keep your Baby cool by using the following tips:

Parking Under shade

Always park your car under the shade. If there is no shade in the parking area, you can use windshield shade to obstruct the sun. This way, your car’s temperature will not be getting hot.

Tinted Windows 

A tinted window is another option to keep your car cool. It is obvious thing that A cool car keeps a baby cool. Parents use sun shades to obstruct the sunlight.

Sun shades quickly fly off and can hurt your Baby. To obstruct the sun and keep your car cool, use tinted windows.

Blow out all the hot air.

When you keep your car locked for a while, the temperature rises, and your vehicle has hot air. So, before entering your car seat, keep all your car doors open to blow out all the hot air.

Concluding Thoughts

Due to global warming, summer duration has been prolonged. Parents want to know how to keep their Baby cool in a car seat. As per reports, the death rate of babies due to overheating in car seats is 38 per year.

You can keep your Baby cool by keeping them hydrated. Use silicon-made bottles to feed your Baby in a car seat.

Cooling towels, spray bottles, and light-colored clothes can keep your Baby cool. Do not overdress your Baby. It can overheat your Baby in the summer.

You can also use sunshades and tinted windows to keep your Baby clean. These two items will block the sun and keep your car cool. Always use safe and better options to keep your Baby cool in a car seat.

Sometimes you loosen the harness because your Baby is feeling hot due to the car seat harness.

By doing this, you may put your child in danger. Keep the harness. Always use a 5-point harness to protect your Baby, and turn on the AC if your Baby is feeling hot.

You can use spray bottles to keep your Baby cool. Pour some cold water into the bottle and spray on the neck and shoulders of your Baby. Consult a doctor if your Baby’s temperature is out of control.

FAQs| How to keep Baby Cool in a car seat?

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat?

In summer, parents are worried about how to keep their Baby cool in a car seat. To keep your Baby cool, you can cool towels, cooling car seat pads, spray bottles, and ice packs.

These items will keep your Baby cool on summer days. Before saving your Baby cool, keep your car cool. Use sun shades or tinted windows. These will keep your car cool by obstructing the sun.

How Hot Is Too Hot For Your Baby In Car Seat?

Always keep in mind that newborns are fragile, especially during the summer. They heat up rapidly, sweat less than adults, create more heat, and acclimatize to heat slowly.

It just takes a few minutes for your child’s life to be jeopardized. You must be ready and know what to do. Pay attention to weather forecasts, and if a heat warning is issued, assist your children in surviving the excessive temperatures by using the measures outlined in this article.

What Is The Optimum Temperature Of My Baby?

The optimal temperature for your Baby is between 68- and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This mentioned temperature is neither too cold nor too hot for your Baby to travel long distances.

How Can You Tell If Your Baby Is Burning or Overheating?

When your Baby is too hot or overheated, it may sweat. You can check your Baby’s temperature by placing your hand on your Baby’s forehead or neck. But premature babies do not sweat. They show the following signs if they are overheating:

  • Red cheeks
  • High Temperature
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • High Heartbeat rate

What Is SIDS?

SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome. This syndrome means the sudden death of your Baby. This is scary because the reason is still unknown for SIDS. But pediatricians have noticed some signs related to SIDS:

  • Overheating
  • Poor Sleeping Positions
  • Rebreathing trapped air

What Type Of Car Seats Are Best For Summer?

There are a variety of car seats on the market that can assist you in keeping youngsters cool in a hot automobile. You may select ones with breathable lining, a sun visor, an intelligent chest clip that alerts you if your child has been sitting for too long, and ones that monitor a child’s temperature.

They are also classified according to size and age. When selecting one, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.